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We are Changing!!

Our eBay Store is Closed
We no longer sell our cameras/DVRs on eBay!

After 8.5 years, and almost 12,000 successful transactions our eBay store is now closed.

The DuncansOnline eBay account remains open as an eBay buying account for our business. We are regular eBay buyers ourselves.

        We will now concentrate solely on continuing to build our new website.

DuncansOnline New Website

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from from this change to our business model

New Listings

Vivotek IP8133 Megapixel Sleek and Stylish Indoor Home IP Camera w/ H.264, Built-In Two-Way Audio, On-Board Micro SD, PoE, PIR Sensor & Tamper Detection  

Your Price: $239.95

650TV Lines 1/3 Sony EXview WDS High Resolution In / Outdoor 3.6~8mm Varifocal Lens Camera
w/120' Night Vision

Your Price: $69.95

650TV Lines 1/3 Sony EXview High Resolution Indoor 3.6mm Dome Camera w/80' Night Vision

Your Price: $49.95

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