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Support and Service:
You won't believe our service! Here is where we really excel.  All our customers receive the very highest degree of personal support and service.

Pre- Sale - Help you Choose

"Free Pre-Sale" Consultation
Phone us at 1-202-580-8696 or email us at for a free    consultation about choosing the "right" camera and capture cards for your needs.

We are working with all kinds of people who are using our cameras and capture cards for all kinds of situations. We will happily share our experiences that we are having with these people with you.

Pre-Sale Support FAQ

After Sale

Unlimited Support

We pride ourselves in providing EXCEPTIONAL email and telephone support to help you with your technical questions.

We provide unlimited "free" email and telephone support for this item, for all installations, and for capture and remote accessing set-ups.

Recent customer's Comments

> Yes, i am behind a static IP address. I have a cable line at my house. 
> The only firewall I have on is the Window's firewall.
> Thanks for replying and helping me out. You guys are the best Ebay sellers
> I've ever dealt with.

>Finally got it installed, - -  it works.  I will play with it for a couple of days.  Thanks for your >help and I'll e-mail you back in a few days.  Greatest response time ever.  Thanks again.

Click Here! to go to DuncansOnline Support FAQ1 - Click Here!

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We go the extra mile to help you!

We are always checking our email,

Try us out! You might be very pleasantly surprised.

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We will call you back on "our nickel" and provide you with all the "pre" and "after" sale support you need.   

Email us your number and a suitable time to call.

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