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Our eBay Store is Closed
We no longer sell our cameras/DVRs on eBay!

Visit our New DuncansOnline Corporate Website

Register Now on DuncansOnline/

We have stopped selling our products in our eBay Store.

Our eBay account, DuncansOnline, will continue as a buying account for us. We buy regularly on eBay ourselves.

Please do not worry about any undelivered order(s) you may have with us.

Every single one of our eBay orders has been shipped, so if you have one that you are waiting for, it is in transit and will arrive any day.

eMail us or phone us toll free if you need more tracking information. International callers can Skype us at DuncansOnline

The same thing applies for your warranty. As you know, all our items carry a TWO YEAR replacement warranty.

We have been in business for more than 10 years and we are solid. As a Company, we have no accounts payable or long term debt. (:))

Further down this page you will find many different ways to contact us, including through eBay. There is a link to our Company website as well.

We will be around for a long time, and if your cameras and/or equipment needs servicing, upgrading, additional components or any kind of warranty work, we will be right there to help you.

Likewise, you can phone or email us for the lifetime technical and installation and maintenance support we give to all our customers.

We finish our selling experience on eBay on top, as a Gold Power Seller, with 100% feedback in the past year, and a high eBay Policy Compliance score. In 8.5 years we had 12,000 successful transactions with more than 5,300 positive feedbacks received. Only 40% of you leave feedback. We expect and trust the other 60% are just as happy!

We are now well established as one of the leading Online Surveillance Supply Companies, offering fine products at competitive and affordable prices with service and support that exceeds the local brick and mortar store in your area.

Please phone us toll free if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Helene and John Duncan - November 2011

Read what an "Important Industry Source" has to say about selling on eBay!!!


If you have purchased any products from us in the past couple of years, either through eBay or otherwise, it will be helpful and important for you to register on our new site.

All our warranty work will be processed through our new site, for faster service and follow up.!

It only takes a few seconds of your time. There is a box when you register for you to put some information in at the time you register. Go ahead and put your eBay ID and a very brief description of what you purchased from us. Any other comment would be welcome.

Example of what to write!

My eBay ID is MaineBayGuy
1 DVR - 8 channel
8 Outdoor cameras
Comment: Way to go you guys! Congrats on your big decision!

Register Warranty Now on DuncansOnline/

           Our TOP 10 BENEFITS from from this change to our business model.

1. By eliminating the eBay fees in our selling prices we will be able to pass along these savings to our customers. Times are tight, and getting tighter, and we hope that any price reduction we can bring to our customers/installers will help them save money and allow both of us to be more competitive in the marketplace.

2. Be able to track transactions more than 90 days, as eBay deletes old transactions quickly. They also delete old listings just as quickly.

With our TWO YEAR WARRANTY, we need to be able to track all past transactions easily, quickly and accurately. We need to be able to go back and look at discontinued listings that are for items still under warranty. In fact, many customers want us to access cameras they bought from us five years ago.....they often last that long and longer!!! Now we will be able to do that, all within one rapidly accessible transaction history that is 100% our own and under our control.

3. Be able to sell a wider variety of items, some which are restricted on eBay. An example of this, eBay does not allow us to sell small cameras with audio as they deem these to be illegal spy cams. The ones we sell are not illegal!!

4. We will have better tools to provide a MUCH higher level of service and support, as eBay does not make it easy for us to deal directly with our buyers, by phone, by online chat and even by regular email.

eBay does not allow us to incorporate OnLine Text Chat into our listings. Now we can provide free online instant contact and rapid chat to anyone looking at any of our products with our Online Chat feature.

It goes deeper. Our buyers are not able to contact us easily at all. Sellers are no longer able to put their toll free phone numbers, Skype numbers and email addresses on eBay listings, making it very difficult for our buyers to contact sellers for pre-sale support. The CCTV business can be a complex confusing business, and our buyers, more often than not, need to be able to communicate and chat with us easily and quickly prior to making an informed buying decision.

eBay requires sellers to use their own email system, which is slow and restrictive. It does not allow photos and videos, and does not have the power of rapid search of the Google mail system that we have integrated into our new site.

They even delete our customers email addresses from the records after 45 days making it impossible for us to contact past customers without using their cumbersome email system. We do not need two mail systems, especially when one of them is Neanderthal.

eBay does not allow us to accept Bank Transfers, Personal/Company checks and Western Union Transfers from our customers. As International Resellers that really restricts our selling.

5. We will now be able to concentrate on one really outstanding site, instead of splitting our efforts across two sites, ending up in two mediocre sites. With more than 500 items it is almost humanly impossible to keep two sites up to date all the time.

We want to broaden our items to more than 2000, and there is no management program that will allow us to integrate that size of inventory into two different sites. With one serious, flexible and well designed Corporate site we will have a much better chance to do that.

6. We will be building our own business, instead of eBay's. That is what we want. We believe that is what our customers would tell us they want us to be doing.

7. Concentrate on our International Sales. eBay is International, but does not treat International Sellers as well as their Local to Local market sellers. They have separate websites for each country.......this can be a real headache for a Company like ours.

8. There will be less time wasted on web site technicalities. Anyone who has ever tried to phone eBay to get support knows the frustration of long waits, only to speak to a friendly, respectful and well intentioned person who is nevertheless poorly trained, not business savvy, and not capable of making a decision without checking with someone else, resulting in more phone waiting, listening to music. Online chat with eBay is even worse.
Interesting that they will online chat with us, no matter how poorly, but will not let us to online chat with our buyers!:)

9. Safety is an issue. eBay attracts all sorts of unscrupulous people, who attempt to buy in a fraudulent manner. We can now monitor our own customers totally ourselves.

10. We believe our clientele is maturing. They are "Internet Savvy."

Eight years ago, online selling was new and people were not used to it. eBay introduced many people to online buying.

Today it is online buying has become "every day". The overall usefulness of eBay to our customers has been diminishing over the years, and while it is still important for some, the online majority of today has already become used to online buying....

Ten years ago the eBay stock was selling at $60 share. Today it is just over half that, despite the fact that the market average has almost doubled during the same period.

We call this a paradigm shift.

eBay does not provide an opportunity for us to incorporate installer/reseller discounts and affiliate marketing into our eBay business. We see installers as the most important segment of our present and future business growth.

The Negative?

eBay was, in the past, our most important source of new customers.

But even that has been changing rapidly and radically. Just Google search DuncansOnline or our trade name and you will see how far we have come up the ladder of online visibility.

eBay has been become less and less relevant for us. There are hundreds of sites out there for us to use to attract new customers that are just as or even more as effective, and less costly than eBay,  These are generally Shopping Comparison sites.

We believe it is time that we stand on our own feet, and in so doing we can lower our prices, eliminate the eBay fees in our costs, and benefit our past, present and future customers, as well as ourselves, all at the same time.

We were paying as much each month to eBay as we would to a Shopping Center Landlord to rent a medium sized store. The Internet gives us the chance to do away with the conventional costs of Brick and Mortar retail selling. We are behind the times if we are not doing just that.

Just reflecting for a bit, we are proud of our eBay history.

Bottom line, selling on eBay allowed us to become well established International CCTV Resellers and Manufacturer Reps with thousands of businesses, installers and do-it-yourself customers all over the world.

International Office
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
S4R 1

US Address
Plentywood, Montana, 59254

US Warehouses
City of Industry, CA 91744 
Van Nuys, CA 91406
Wood Dale, IL 60191
Champaign, IL 61820
Baton Rouge, LA 70809

Littleton, CO 80127

Mainland China Factory and Warehouse
Shenzhen, China

Toll Free North American Number      1-888-445-8375      
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How to Contact Us
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By Online Chat

This is a REALLY FAST way to reach us!

There is an Online Chat Icon at the bottom right hand corner of almost every webpage of our new site. Even if it shows that we are not online, go ahead and leave us a message.

By eMail

email us at for a free consultation about choosing the "right" camera and capture equipment for your needs.

You will be very surprised at how fast you will receive an email back from us.

If you email us your phone number and a suitable time to call you back, we will call you on "our nickel" and provide you with all the "pre" and "after" sale support you need.   

        Use our Contact Us Form

Just click on the Contact Us Link Tab in the Header of our Store and fill in the web form with your details. We will get it fast and respond just as fast!

By Phone

North American Customers

Phone us Toll Free at 1-888-445-8375     

Phone our iPhone Number 1-306-999-0582

International Customers

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You can Skype us at DuncansOnline

Hours of Operation (Central Time)
Monday to Friday 11am to 11pm
Saturday 1 pm to 5pm

Sunday closed

We are International Resellers
We are Really Good at Exporting Our Products - Here is Why!!!

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So here are a few screen shots, with comments to view and reflect upon.

Our eBay Memory Lane.

Our feedback history on eBay

Note: Above Standard Performance High Policy Compliance Rating

5,300+ Positive Feedbacks in 8.5 years. Only 40% of the people leave feedback.....also, duplicate purchases from the same customer at the same time are counted as one feedback

Above Standard Performance and Gold PowerSeller status

Five Star Feedbacks - 100% Feedback Rating in the Past Year
Opened Account May 2003

We stopped just short of 12,000 transactions.


Please give us your feedback. What is your comment on this change to our business model. Please email us at and we will post some of your comments below. (hiding your full name and email address of course)

Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday 11am to 6pm
Saturday                 1 pm  to 5pm

Sunday                                 closed

Telephone Voice Messaging 24 hours a day

Sales and Service   1-888-445-8375 (24 hours)
iPhone Number 1-306-999-


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