Aver's iPOS Program and Features

AVer’s surveillance DVR series is integrated with most brands of POS machines on the market.

The iPOS function enables users to set POS protocol, edit the settings of the POS machine,
view real-time POS data overlay on a live video display or in a separate POS window, and s
earch POS data efficiently by POS keyword and transaction time.

(iPOS function is fully integrated with Windows® based DVRs)

iPOS Editor

iPOS Live

iPOS Search

Data Box

The AVer POS-DVR surveillance system provides visual text awareness to help reduce shrinkage and protect assets against business losses. AVer's DVR/NVR series can be seamlessly integrated with POS machines through the Data Box, thus all transaction data can be overlaid on the live image for recording and can be searched for easily using keywords.

for NV/IWH series

for EH series

POS connection diagram

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