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We use TeamViewer program  to see your computer.

TeamViewer Quick Support Procedures

Download and Launch a very small program called TeamViewer - QuickSupport.

Click on this link 

TeamViewer QuickSupport v4.0.5769 it to your Desktop.

It will stay on your Desktop as a File that you can Launch anytime in the future.

When you click on the Downloaded file on your Desktop you will launch it - you will get a screen that looks like this!














Email us your ID Number - it will look like this  292 192 878

and your Password. - it will look like this  7269

With those two numbers we will be able to log onto your computer over the internet and see what you are seeing.

Simply eMail those two numbers to us at

When you close the TeamViewer Support Window the connection is cut...and we will no longer be able to access your computer.

When you launch the program will get a new password...and the old password will not longer work.

John Duncan



For more details about this program click on the image below to be taken to the TeamViewer Website