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How to Set Up your ActiveX Controls Settings in Internet Explorer

We show you the settings below that we would suggest.

The settings we suggest are our settings of choice.  You may wish to try and have your own settings.

The purpose is to make it easy to access your DVR remotely with your browser.

In order to do this, you need an ActiveX control, which is a small program that will automatically download and install on the computer you are using to remotely access the DVR.

If you are concerned about security, then you may wish to tighten it up once the Active X Control you need is downloaded and installed.

Remember, every time you launch Internet Explorer the ActiveX Control you need will need to we have found that opening the permissions as wide as we can causes the least amount of delay in launching.

A compromise, is to have the settings set to prompt you before anything takes place.

Here is the Procedure

Open your Internet Explorer (Make sure you have all other programs Closed first)

Select Tools, and then click on Internet Options at the bottom of the Pull Down Menu

When the Internet Options Window opens, select the Security Tab

Then click on the Custom Level Tab

When the Security Window Opens - find the Scroll Down Bar on the side and slide it down ....

... until you find the ActiveX Controls and Plug-ins Section.

Now you will be able to set the settings to settings of your choice.

Here are the settings we suggest...

Slide Down some more...........

...some more.....

...and some more......

Now press OK.....close the Settings Window, and try to log into your DVR...

The ActiveX Control should download, install and then give you access.