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DuncansOnline PICO FAQ for Version 1.8

                      Important Information
The PICO program that has been widely shipped with every 4 channel BT878A Conexant Card from China comes with a CD Disk with PICO 2000, v1.8.

This is a bootleg version of PICO, written for Pentium II's and it is a Beta version. It was never released as a finished product.. It is buggy and hard to install. It will not run on Vista or Windows 7.

We can not change the Chinese habit of disregarding proper licensing of software, nor can we stop them from sending that CD with every card.

However, we can help you by explaining this fully to you, and suggesting that instead of wasting a lot of time, trying to install a buggy program on today's high performance computers, you are far better off just paying for the modest $40.00 it it will take you to get a reliable version of the PICO program working on your modern computer in just a few moments.

Click here purchase a proper version of the program

Here follows some notes we have concerning the Bootleg Version 1.8

Word Documents
Download PICO 2000 Capture Card Installation Manual - Click Here
Download Intelligent Remote Module Manual - Click Here
Download English Pack.exe Program File - Click Here
Access All PICO 2000 v1.8 Programs

When you go to run Pico2000 you will need to login
User Name: Super
Password: Leave Blank

Excellent Support Link!

We are not having ANY problems with the software on if you are asking us for assistance here are some questions!

Can you tell us what kind of system do you have,  processor, memory, hard drive, make of machine? 

What anti-spyware programs are you using? 

Have you installed all of the Windows XP updates including service pack 2? 

Have you defragged your hard drive? 

How many programs do you have starting when you turn on the computer? (Start - run - type in msconfig - then press enter and then click on start up tab - keep the number of programs starting up to around 5)? 

Do you have a dedicated IP address (only required for remote viewing)? 

 How do I get rid of the question marks?

When I run the PICO program I have a whole bunch of question marks??????? What is wrong?

Use Find and Search for a file called English Pack.exe on your hard drive. Make sure you find it in your PICO2000 extracted directory. Double click on it, and "bingo", it will turn all your question marks into English!

HOLY SMOKES! It works!!! Yes I did what you suggested and Iím now able to see video from the card. I have you to thank for it. I know you had no obligation to help me with this since I did not purchase from you and Iím very happy you did help anyway. I very much appreciate your help and efforts to find a solution to the problem. I was very frustrated with the purchase but happy now thanks to you. Thank you so very much John. All the best and have a great week. January 2005

Barry Bergstrom

My Website:



Solution #1

"security key not found" . First try this solution

I can not load PICO 2000. It says "security key not found" . if problem persists contact the dealer " I'm using Windows XP Pro . it also gives me a error cannot load DSR application ..likely all one in the same ??

The PICO 2000 need not require a password.

In order to correct this situation, we need to COMPLETELY uninstall PICO from the add/remove programs in Control Panel.

Then reboot....

Then install the software PICO 2000  again from the CD ( \Setup.exe)

Choose PICO2000-104   (You should choose NTSC - PAL is a European standard)

 Restart computer-----Run English pack from the CD to change tio the English
version (this takes away the question marks...this program is found in the PICO directory...just click on it)

start PICO2000 from the desktop----don't touch any password - directly login.

To recap here is the complete install process:

  1. Plug the card into a PCI slot.

  2. Choose a new system(win98 or windows XP)

  3. Install the driver (from the CD   \driver\)

  4. Install the software PICO 2000  from the cd (\Setup.exe)

  5. choose PICO2000-104   (You should choose NTSC - PAL is a European standard)

(Note: if you use two cards, you must choose PICO2000-208; If you choose four cards, you must choose PICO2000-416.)

  6. Restart computer-----Run English pack from the CD to change to the English
version (this takes away the question marks...this program is found in the PICO directory...just click on it)

start PICO2000 from the desktop----don't touch any password - directly login.  

Solution #2

"security key not found". If first solution fails - then you need to start disabling!!

PICO 2000 - Security Key Not Found etc.???

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Jim Donald

  Dec 27 2003, 6:28 am     show options


From: Jim Donald <> - Find messages by this author

Date: 27 Dec 2003 14:28:32 GMT

Local: Sat, Dec 27 2003 6:28 am

Subject: PICO 2000 - Security Key Not Found etc.???

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This software was supplied with a UCC4 4-port capture card (with audio
capture) but I can't get it working consistently.

After installing the program I keep getting the message:
<Security key not found. If the problem persisted, please contact your

Well, it's holiday time and my <dealer> isn't around right now.

Does anyone have an idea what I am doing wrong.

I was told that when using PICO 2000 with the above card I must not
load the drivers, viz:

1. Star Imavision Video Capture
2. Star Imavision Audio Capture

This procedure HAS worked (but on one machine only).

The rest of the time no matter what I try I keep getting that damned
<security key not found> message.

Help gratefully received. TIA.


Well, I'll answer this myself because, after several hours of head
scratching, I've sussed it out.

When PICO 2000 says:


What it is REALLY saying is:


So I am not going to run. Might seem simple to most, but it perplexed
me for ages. Therefore, the answer is to:

1. Tediously disable EVERYTHING non-essential in the PC
2. Get the PICO card to work (which it did when everything else was
3. Then start adding devices one after the other until the PICO card
stops working (Security Key Not Found etc., etc.)

That last device you added is the one causing the trouble in the first
place. In my case an integrated INTEL NETWORK device on the
motherboard. I disabled it in BIOS; got the PICO to work and then
added a cheap PCI network card, which got me back online without
upsetting the PICO.

Yet prior to discovering this problem, Windows XP Pro reported
everything hunky dory. No yellow exclamation marks or red crosses.
Even now I cannot understand how this INTEL NETWORK device was
buggering things up because it was not sharing IRQ, I/O or memory
address with the PICO. Oh well....Another Wndows mystery unsolved.


1. Put card in PCI slot
2. Restart the machine
3. Install drivers (Star Imavision Video/Audio capture)
4. Install PICO 2000 software.
5. Reboot the machine
6. Make sure you have FULL sharing enabled on file: c:\DSR-Video\


1. The company that sold me this kit said I mustn't load the drivers
because, if I did, the card wouldn't work. This is not true. The UCC4
card works with or without the drivers in Windows XP Pro. Without the
drivers it seems to prefer IRQs 10 or 12 where it sits as <multimedia
audio and video devices>. 'Course if you don't load the drivers, WINXP
Pro keeps prompting you for them each time you reboot. So if you don't
want the drivers you have to keep cancelling out the Add New Hardware
Wizard. A pain in the ass really.

2. There's a very clever bloke who has kindly supplied WDM drivers and
other utlitites for this card which allow it to work with any WDM
compatible Windows capture program (I tried them with Windows Movie
Maker and Ulead MSPRO 7 Video Capture and they worked fine and you can
even capture directly to MPEG 2 with Ulead using the right CODEC).

Those drivers and some other stuff can be had here:

These are Brooktree drivers which work with the UCC4 even though it
says Connexant on the capture chip. Believe me. The Brooktree drivers
work great. Meanwhile, BTSPy (also at the above URL) allows you to
customise the card when installing the Brooktree Drivers. This allows
any Windows program to access all four ports on the card (but so far I
have not found a program that allows viewing them all at the same
time). However, you can capture from up to four cameras individually
by selecting the appropriate input. But no Quadding or multiplexing
without the right software.

Nevertheless, BTSpy required that your UCC4 is working with PICO 2000
(or other multiplex software) before it can spy out your card's
capabilities. So, in case your card isn't working, here's what BTSPy
reported for my card (when I tested it with the DICO software, which I
DID manage to get to work).


### BtSpy Report ###

General information:
Name:ucc4 ver. 2.0
Chip: Bt878 , Rev: 0x00
Subsystem: 0x00000000
Vendor: Gammagraphx, Inc.
Values to MUTE audio:
Mute_GPOE : 0x00f000
Mute_GPDATA: 0x000000
Has TV Tuner: No
Number of Composite Ins: 4
Composite in #1
  Composite1_Mux   : 2
  Composite1_GPOE  : 0x00f000
  Composite1_GPDATA: 0x000000
Composite in #2
  Composite2_Mux   : 3
  Composite2_GPOE  : 0x00f000
  Composite2_GPDATA: 0x000000
Composite in #3
  Composite3_Mux   : 1
  Composite3_GPOE  : 0x00f000
  Composite3_GPDATA: 0x000000
Composite in #4
  Composite4_Mux   : 0
  Composite4_GPOE  : 0x00f000
  Composite4_GPDATA: 0x000000
Has SVideo: No
Has Radio: No

Add here all the comments you want!
        If your card can decode Stereo TV , and
your card does NOT use one of the following
chips, you will have to "peek" the right
GPDATA and GPOE values to enable Stereo and
SAP audio. The driver already supports the
DPL3518, MSP34xx, PT2254, TDA7432, TDA8425,
TDA9840, TDA9850, TDA9855, TDA9873, TDA9874,
TDA9875, TEA6300 and TEA6420 and does not require
extra information to drive them!

If you are able to get your card working using
this program , please , mail me this file (with
any extra comments you would like to add) to: , so I can add native support
to your card in the next driver release!

The above setup and drivers (Brooktree) won't make PICO 2000 work, but
they'll allow the UCC4 to work with any WDM application (like Windows
Movie Maker or Ulead Video Capture etc., etc.). In these you will be
able to access each port on the card and capture from each one
idividually (but NOT all four at the same time, as you can with PICO

Whew! I hope all this is useful to somebody. Kept me busy over
Christmas anyway ;-)



 changing my autoexec.nt

Was able to get the software to load and run by changing my autoexec.nt file to the attached. You may want to keep these around in case you have another customer who has the same problem.

@echo off

REM AUTOEXEC.BAT is not used to initialize the MS-DOS environment.
REM AUTOEXEC.NT is used to initialize the MS-DOS environment unless a
REM different startup file is specified in an application's PIF.

REM Install CD ROM extensions
lh %SystemRoot%\system32\mscdexnt.exe

REM Install network redirector (load before dosx.exe)
lh %SystemRoot%\system32\redir

REM Install DPMI support
lh %SystemRoot%\system32\dosx

                     AUTOEXEC.NT Error after Installation of Windows XP SP2


After installation of Service Pack 2, Windows XP may display an error message relating to "AUTOEXEC.NT" when trying to run certain 16-bit applications.  


The InstallShield software used for the installation of JInitiator makes use of 16-bit Windows technology which requires a valid AUTOEXEC.NT file to be present in the system. This file, which is part of the Windows 16-bit subsystem as it ships with Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003, normally resides in the "System32" subdirectory of the Windows installation directory.

Installation of Windows XP Service Pack 2 on an otherwise "healthy" Windows XP system may delete the AUTOEXEC.NT file. As a result, when trying to run certain applications which make use of 16-bit technology an error message like the following may be displayed:

"16 bit Windows Subsystem - C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\AUTOEXEC.NT. The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications. Choose 'Close' to terminate the application."

The error message can be misleading, because it is displayed even if the AUTOEXEC.NT file is actually missing.

To verify whether you have the file, type "%windir%/system32/" in the address bar of an Explorer window. If there is no AUTOEXEC.NT file proceed as follows:

1.    Browse to "%windir%/repair/" (usually "C:\WINDOWS\repair")

2.    Right-Click and Copy the AUTOEXEC.NT file

3.    Browse to "%windir%/system32/" (usually "C:\WINDOWS\System32")

4.    Right-Click inside the window and Paste the file

The error condition described here may also be the result of corruption of the AUTOEXEC.NT file, in which case the above procedure may be helpful to restore a valid file.

Corruption of the AUTOEXEC.NT file has also been related to virus programs. You may want to virus-check your system with one of the following free tools:

      Symantec Security Check

      Panda ActiveScan