Blue Iris versus PICO 2000
Important Features Comparison

The PICO Company has gone out of Business

Many of the PICO users have switched to Blue Iris

Blue Iris
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PICO 2000

Fairly easy to install
Worked on Vista - 32/64 and Windows 7 - 32/64 systems

Can only view analog cameras

Requires a client program called the Intelligent Remote Module to be installed on any remotely accessing computer

This client program can only view one camera at a time - you can switch to different cameras but there is no multi view

No smart Phone viewing capability

No brightness or contrast control for each camera

No upgrade path from 4 to 8 to 12 or 16 need to purchase a new license

Quality of video will appear to be slightly washed out

Company out of Business - No one can register the software and make it work anymore.

Blue Iris

This is a hybrid program - meaning you can view a total of 64 analog and IP cameras with the same $49.95 license

Remote access can be done using a browser such as Internet Explorer with multi view

Smart phone access with browser...apps are in development for iPhone and Android

3 resets allowed with each install without need to contact developer  - and subsequent resets from the developer are free.

Superb video quality

Needs special attention to install - we supply detailed step-by-step installations instructions with screen shots

Drivers for the 64 bit version of Vista and Windows 7 do not seem to be available

We have reports of successful installs on 32 bit Vista and Windows 7 - but at present we have no further details


Blue Iris
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eMail exchange with Blue Iris User/PICO card user - Apr 2012

To DuncansOnline

A few weeks ago, I bought a PICO card and Blue Iris software from you.
I installed it on my old Dell GX280 and all worked fine, however the Dell recently died, so I bought a Zoostorm PC (8gb RAM, 750gb HDD etc!)
Having installed the Pico card, I can't get the drivers to install.  I've tried with Windows 2008 x64, Windows 7 x64 and Windows 7 x86 but they're all exhibiting the same symptoms - the card shows in Device Manager and when I try to install the drivers, I get an error message:
This installer was not able to automatically install the driver.  This could be due to a missing DLL that is required to install automatically drivers ... etc.
I've tried a manual installation, but that doesn't work either. Any ideas?


UK Customer

Hi UK Customer,

So far I have never heard of anyone being successful with Windows 7 64 bit finding and installing drivers to get that PICO card to work with Blue Iris.

I have heard rumors that there has been success with the 32 bit version of Windows 7 and the PICO card, but so far I have not been able to track those rumors down to an actual user who can share what he/ she has done.

So, at this moment, I have no solution for a Windows 7 installation that is the operating system for a PICO card and Blue Iris.

Searching Google has so far failed to turn up any solution as well...although from time to time I try to search again.

If you are going to stay with that new computer, then I would suggest dropping back to an XP operating system.

The more advisable alternative, of course, is to pick up a second hand XP system and then be able to access your cameras from the Windows 7 32/64 computer over your local area network with Internet Explorer...that will work.

 Around here, where I live, a person can purchase a second hand XP system for $35....and then you would end up with a far better surveillance project, because your XP camera "server" would be dedicated to surveillance, freeing up your high powered Windows 7 machine for personal use.



To DuncansOnline

Just for your information, I did manage to get BlueIris working together with Windows 7 (32 bit) and my PICO card on my old Dell Optiplex GX280 (4gb RAM and a 2Tb HDD).  

I used a copy of Windows 7 Professional - a direct Microsoft product, (not the Dell offering), installed the card, installed the BT848 drivers, the cards were recognized and then Blue Iris was installed.


UK Customer

Blue Iris
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Upgrade to a stand alone DVR

If you wish to upgrade your surveillance system please consider our 4 and 8 channel stand alone DVRs which we are selling (without hard drives) for $99.95 and $119.95 delivered respectively (mainland USA). Your upgrade costs from a 4 channel PICO registration  would then be $79.95 for a 4 Channel DVR and $99.95 for an 8 Channel DVR.

Click Here for more details

Upgrade to another program that works with your PICO card

Another inexpensive upgrade is to go to our Blue Iris program. It sells for $49.95. (runs 1 to 64 analog/IP cameras) (no charge for resets) If you upgrade to Blue Iris from a 4 channel PICO registration, then it will only cost $49.95 less $20.00 = $29.95.

Click Here for more details


Blue Iris
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Using a Computer with a Capture Card

Requires some computer experience.

There is more set-up work and expense required - such as......

You usually need to buy a computer and pay for a copy of Windows.

Then you will need to buy a DVR Capture Card and physically install the card in the computer.

You will need to load the drivers for the card dealing with any conflicts.

Then you will need to install the capture card surveillance program and learn how to use it.

Generally a computer will draw more electricity running 24 hours a day.

An intruder will more likely grab and steal the computer.

A computer often will be noisier.

A bedroom installation is less desirable because of this noise.

Not well suited to being used as a personal computer at the same time

A DVR Stand Alone generally has a higher frame rate for less money

A computer with a DVR capture card usually has many more features.

If upgrading is required such as adding more cameras the computer/DVR card is a better choice

With a Stand Alone DVR

It is virtually a plug and play operation - faster to install - easy to operate.

There is no computer to purchase. It is less expensive than a computer.

A copy of Windows not required.

There is no DVR capture card to install, no drivers to load, no program to load.

It will normally have a higher frames per second recording rate for less money.

It is more reliable to operate...fewer things go wrong. It uses less electricity.

It has a smaller footprint than a computer...taking up far less space.

It is easier to hide. Intruder may not know what it is or even to look for it. Looks like a DVD player.

It has a simpler program to learn.

It is quieter - often fan less - can be in a bedroom.

To upgrade to more cameras, you can purchase a second system. You can run both at the same time. (The difference in price between a 4 channel DVR and an 8 channel one is only $20.00)

You can use any browser for remote viewing

You can see your cameras with a smart phone.

Click Here to view our 4, 8 and 16 Channel DVRs



The genius behind the Blue Iris program is that it is a hybrid program that, when combined with a $30.00 PICO card and a throw away Windows XP system will create a reliable surveillance system that can be upgraded to 64 analog/IP cameras.

The Blue Iris program costs $49.95, the card costs $30.00 and the computer would otherwise have no practical value.

The owner of this system ends up with a "reliable, stable" surveillance server that can be used for years and years, and where he/she can add many IP cameras, if, as and when needed.

Without the throw away computer being available, the Blue Iris/Pico project does not make as much sense.The price of the 4, 8 and 16 channel DVRs is so appealing, that it makes more sense to go that way.

Even if there is a need for a hybrid system, our new Avermedia Hybrid DVRs are much more cost effective than buying a new computer

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