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Free Download of DICO 800 Manual - PDF File
Free Download of Dico 800 Camera Server Program 

    (Needs card for the program to install and work)

Free Download of Dico 800 Remote Client Program 

User Name


This program is in the "Public Domain" While it is FREE to Download, we are unable to provide support.

It will work great, but if you are not used to installing hardware, drivers, programs etc. you should find someone to help you.

Also, it will not work with wireless cameras.

We have only been able to find a 4 wired camera version. We have not found 8 or more camera versions.

If installation concerns you, please check out the PICO 2000 v1.9 program we sell in our eBay store from $40.00 that installs quickly and easily without the need to install drivers. We provide FREE Worldwide telephone support for PICO 2000 v1.9 Click Here

Do not try to install DICO-800 on a system that has had a previous installation of PICO 2000 without COMPLETELY removing all traces of PICO and its drivers. Do this in safe mode. Reboot after fully cleaning the system of the PICO drivers.

We have detailed uninstall and install instructions and notes below.
See Switching From PICO to DICO below.

If you follow these instructions carefully and do not get a successful install you may need to reformat your hard drive and start from scratch.

Installation Procedure (When PICO was NOT previously installed!!)

After you unzip the DICO 800 zip file, and install your card, do not let the add new hardware installer run.

Instead right click on my computer and go to properties.  Go to device manager, and look for the two multimedia devices.  Right click on each one and  go to properties.  Click on update drivers, and when it gives the choices to choose from windows update, floppy drives, CDROMs, and a location of your choice, choose the one that lets you choose a location.   Then click on browse, and find the folder that you unzipped the DICO download from.  Do this for both multimedia devices.

After the drivers are installed, go the folder that you unzipped the DICO download into. From there click on the recorder folder, then on the disk 1 folder.  Once you are in this folder you will see 2 setup files.  Click on the one that looks like a little computer, and follow the prompts.  

Once it is installed, you will have to configure the program.  You need to make a space on your hard drive for the recorded media to go.   After that you will have to click on the top of the 2 buttons on the bottom left of the screen.  From there, it should take you to the main screen of the program.  

If you do not have a picture, check the camera.

To Recap

To install Dico 800, you have to 

1. Go to your device manager, by right clicking on your my computer icon, then click on hardware (in windows XP) or device manager (in windows 98).

2. Look for video capture device, and audio device with yellow exclamation marks, and right click on the video one first.

3. Click on update driver, and locate the folder you unzipped the DICO 800 program into.

4. Go through the update driver wizard

5. Do the same for the audio device.

6. Close the device manager

7. Go to the folder that you unzipped the Dico 800 program to.

8. Click on the autorun.exe file

9. Click on "install recorder"

10. Follow the install wizard.

Important Start-Up Information

7/25/06, George L. wrote:

Thanks for your help, after some trial & error I got it going.   

Hereís where I had problems, maybe itís me but it may help the next person; 

I missed the significance of  selecting the box in front of  the Have Disk button in the step;  ďNext, click on the Have Disk button and browse to the Drivers folderĒ   

I SAW Have disk in the box, but It defaults to the first option which allows you to browse to the folder, but does not let you choose the file, and it did not work. 

Once I read it carefully I got it right. 

Dico software installed with no problems. 

Tuned camera on the TV and plugged into card.  It did not work. 

I plugged my sonís x-box in so I knew I had a good video signal and it worked. 

I thought great Itís all working.  I plugged the camera back in and it still did not work. 

I decided to reboot the computer and voila it works!  It must need to see the camera in the boot process.

Now Iíll figure out the software and Iíll be good to go.   

I plan on expanding the system to 6 Ė 8 cameras and Iíll put it in a dedicated Computer.  I wanted to see how everything works and make sure it would work for me.  Itís a great value!  Iíll be back for more supplies.   Iíve been looking for a side business and I think there could be a market if I were to offer complete installed systems to business and homeowners. 

Have you had any other customers do this? 



Hey....terrific......and we are posting your email to our technical site......

Yes...we have many people who resell like you wish to...and you have just proven why it is important, because the average person might stumble over these hurdles.



"DICO-800" will allow you to view your cameras from ANY internet machine in the world with Internet Explorer.

This program is ideal for Do-It-Yourselfers, Professional CCTV installers and Resellers.

No need to buy expensive time lapse video recorders or quad processors/ multiplexers. Save the cost of purchasing those video tapes. Now you can store recorded data directly onto your hard drive!

Download the DICO program, the Remote Module Software, the Video Player Software, the User Manual and the Installation Instructions from this link.

Free Download of Dico 800  (Needs this card to be installed to work)
User Name
Download DICO 800 Manual - PDF File - Click Here

It is so easy to install. You simply open up your PC case, insert the card into a spare PCI slot, close the case attach up to 4 cameras (wired or wireless).

Install the driver and software and away you go.  IMPORTANT INSTALL NOTES BELOW

Main Features

Either Video Standard NTSC or PAL

Live viewing You can monitor an area without recording, either by viewing a single camera or multiple cameras at the same time, similar to a multiplexer. 

Instant Recording You can enable instant recording by clicking on the camera number found in the 'record' menu. 

Digital Watermark Every image recorded will be stamped with the date and time. This is vital if you need to provide the police or courts with video evidence !!. 

View/Monitor/Record from anywhere in the world over the Internet You can also view any camera LIVE or RECORD over the internet using the Remote Module software.

Browser Viewing Access your cameras while on the road from your laptop, your friend's house, or from a local Internet Cafe using Internet Explorer, or other browsers. Its that easy!

Advanced Motion Detect Recording
This feature allows you to save on disk space and endless hours of wasted recordings.

The software analyses the image from the cameras connected and starts recording when movement is detected and stops when movement is no longer detected. The movement detection is being processed by the software so you do not need special cameras. Any camera can be set up for motion detection.

To minimize false detection the user can adjust the sensitivity to ignore small movements like rain or birds.

Areas of the cameras view can be 'masked' so movement on the road outside your premises is ignored but movement on the pavement or driveway is not ignored.

The capture card will now only record when movement is detected in the selected areas.

You can also enable 'pre-alarm' and 'post alarm' recording to 'capture seconds of footage before and after the motion detect was activated as not to miss anything.

Scheduled recording You can set up a daily, or weekly timer for when you want to record. For greater control you can set each camera to have it's own recording mode Example: cam1 motion detect, cam2 constant, cam3 timer etc. You can also record 24 hours. All recordings can be digitally stamped with camera name, time and date. 

Smart Recording Video Search Playback
 This allows the user to playback footage using the Supplied Video Player Software  while still recording so as not to miss anything. Events can be found by time/date and camera number. You can adjust the speed of playback and also save the images as an AVI file to a floppy disk or 'capture' an image to print to your printer.

You can burn the video recorded from your DVR card onto a CD or DVD. You can even email it to the authorities. Just as long as you have Windows 95/98, 2000, ME, or XP you can replay the remote video from your DVR card without the need of expensive additional software!

Pan Tilt Zoom controls This allows complete movement control over 1
or all of your PTZ cameras.

Password protect You can use this to restrict access to the DVR.

Adjustable picture size & quality also record and playback speeds.

Standard Features 

∑ Provides real-time digital video compression 
∑ Provides configuration retaining

∑ Provides status retaining for auto start
∑ Easy to use graphic user interface
∑ Easy to expand by software upgrade and system integration
∑ Multilingual Capability 

Camera Viewing & Recording 
∑ Support up to 16 camera inputs with multi display modes

∑ Programmable timer for recording

∑ Provides circular recording mode to allow recycling use of the recording drives 
∑ Provides archive-recording mode to allow directly recording to a specific removable drive
∑ Pan/Tilt/Zoom Control (selected Protocol) 

Video Playback & Search 
∑ Simultaneous playback and recording

∑ Playback with sophisticated search functions (by camera, events, time/date)
∑ Snap shoot with print and save 

Alarm & motion detection 
∑ Motion detection recording 
∑ Pre-alarm recording 
∑ Scheduled alarm and motion detection function 

Remote Playback & Online View
∑ Intelligent remote player through telephone dial up, LAN and Internet connectivity

∑ Provides online viewing of live video with password logon control and event log
∑ Recording in remote client machine
∑ Playback recorded videos (both local recorded and server recorded files)
∑ Alarm alert function  

DVR Specifications:
. Display / Record speed: 30 frames per second (fps) real time recording. 
. Data Compression: Enhanced MPEG-4 compression technology.
. Visual signal input: BNC X 4 NTSC/PAL
. Visual signal output: NTSC/PAL
. Network connections: LAN, PSTN, ADSL, ISDN.
. Software requirements: Windows 98 / 2000  or Windows XP.
. Hardware requirements: Intel Pentium II CPU recommended or AMD Athlon,
128Mb RAM required.

Features Recapped
. 4 RCA Video Inputs
. 1 Composite Output
. High Resolution Video Recording
. Perfect Solution for Unattended Recording
. Viewing Live Video While Recording
. Internet or local area network Remote Viewing, Access & Control Via PSTN, LAN & TCP/IP
. Built-In Video Motion Detection
. CD-RW Backup Function
. High Speed Search By Date/Time
. Various Recording Modes
. Supported OS Windows 98se, ME, 2000 & XP
. Recording Speed Total 30 Frame per second
. Resolution 320X240 (NTSC)
. Image Size 2-8KB per Frame
. Motion Detection Built-In

Specifications - Main Program
. Full resolution video: PAL (320x240 30fps), NTSC(320x240 30fps)
. Generic PCI slot compatible
, 4 x RCA Video Input
. Recording speeds up to 30 frames per second
. Windows 98 SE/ME/2000/XP Compatible
. Low hardware requirement: PII 233, 64MB RAM, 5GB HDD, Network Card/Modem
. High Speed Playback Search
. Multi-mode Display Screen
. 4-channel digital multiplexing
. Real-time digital video compression
. 24x7 remote viewing and playback via PSTN, TCP/IP ( Lan / Wan / Internet )
. User access rights control for different operations
. Video playback using Windows Media Player
. Pan/Tilt/Zoom Control (Pelco, Kalatel, etc)
. Automatic motion detection recording
. Alarm triggered recording
. Programmable timer recording

Specifications - Remote Control Module
. Password login and event log
. Remote online video viewing
. Local recording of video at remote machine
. Remote historical video playback (both local and server video records)
. Alarm alert function

Summary and Conclusion

The DICO-800 DVR program has every feature you could possibly want for your DuncansOnline 4 Channel PC-Based PCI DVR Card. It is capable of recording four cameras of LIVE VIDEO. The card stores your recordings in highly compressed files on your PC's hard drive.

The motion detection feature provides recording of important events only, such as "when and only when" a cash register drawer opens. Imagine not having to watch endless hours of recordings of nothing and be able to only record a specifically motion activated event. Motion detection can be set up on all 4 cameras independently.

Dico 800 can alert you by email, or phone to alert you that some motion has activated the secured area. and make you aware that the area has been violated.

DuncansOnline Buyer's Comments - February 2006

Hi DuncansOnline:

I recently bought one of your DVR capture cards and  I have installed the program called Dico800 that so many people have recommended to me.

By using Dico800 software and drivers, I am able to use my web browser to view rather than a  remote client program. It means I can see my surveillance server computer from any internet computer in the world, without having to install a client program on it. I just use a browser program such as Internet Explorer.
I want to be able to monitor the video over the internet using my Macintosh computer, and since programs like Pico 2000 do not have a remote client for the Mac then the combination of Dico 800 and my Mac Internet Browser is the best choice for me.

Seems to be free as in free to download, I have seen nothing about licensing inside the software. From my research there is no way to buy it.

The program really works great, it basically seems to have all options that Pico2000 has. In fact, it has more features than Pico 2000 and as mentioned above it allows me to use a browser to view my cameras over the Internet. It also allows you to setup a webserver,  I have found two different version 4 copies, one with webserver and one with out.

As for locking up I found that if I setup the program to switch to full screen mode after 60 seconds of inactivity and then I minimize the program and come back a hour later and open the program again that it seems to have lost the video feed and all the buttons to close/settings/view/etc and I have to end task on it, But I stopped using the full screen mode and it works great now

It also comes with its own drivers, the Pico ones will not work and I found that I have to remove the Pico drivers in safe mode, Trying to remove drivers in normal mode resulted in my pc crashing.

Here is the link to Dico 800 with the webserver:
this seems to be just the 4 channel version

Free Download of DICO 800 Manual - PDF File
Free Download of Dico 800 Camera Server Program 

    (Needs card for the program to install and work)

Free Download of Dico 800 Remote Client Program 

User Name

One thing to note regarding the Dico 800 v40_1128 is that when you run the setup it has an option to install the webserver, I don't think you need to run that for the Internet Explorer function to work but you might (there should be a webserver option in settings under "web register"), and if you do have to run the webserver install it will fail, then a few moments later show a "Wagent" window that will ask what view you want (ie 1 camera, 4 cameras) but the feature still works.

Wireless Cameras and DICO-800
(Read Carefully)

For those with problems with the DICO 800 program and wireless cameras, you have to tune your camera on a television to get your receiver tuned properly, then take your receiver back to your computer with the capture card, and connect it.  

Then you have to go into your configuration setup in DICO, and go to your camera/motion sensor tab, and set your camera to 340X240.  Then you click on the power tab second button up from the bottom left side of your screen.   You click on yes to save the changes, and then wait for the main screen to load up. 

It is preferred that you use a small portable television to set the receiver. You can bring it right over close to your computer system.. If you do not have a portable one, then any television that has an video input RCA jack will do.  

If that all that fails, then you will want to use either PICO 2000, or PySoft to use your wireless cameras with the capture card.  DICO 800 does not auto detect your cameras, as it looks for a video signal to remain active, and if it does not detect the video signal it thinks that the camera is disconnected.

This is a bit of a flaw or weakness with DICO 800. It looks like it was designed for wired cameras.

 Viewing over the Internet - DICO-800 Remote Client Hints

You can view your cameras over the internet with either your browser or the DICO remote client program.

You can install the remote client on your remote computer using the program that is with the unzipped program files, or you can download the client from this link.

Free Download of DICO 800 Manual - PDF File
Free Download of Dico 800 Camera Server Program 

    (Needs card for the program to install and work)

Free Download of Dico 800 Remote Client Program 

User Name

You can send the client program to your Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail account as it is only 3 megs and this way you will have it ready to download to any internet computer you have access to when you are traveling.

One of the neat things about the DICO client program is that when you minimize it, it will place an icon in your system tray, and all you have to do to see your cameras is to click on that icon, and voila, your cameras are viewable.

This client program has lots of functionality, and will take you a little while to discover all of it's power.

One useful feature is that it allows you to save screenshots of any camera

If you want to view the cameras from this client program it will ask you for a username and password. Unless you have changed it the default is as follows:

Username:    Administrator
Password :    Admin 

It is case sensitive to capitalization, so be sure to type it in precisely.

When you set up the connection information enter the IP as if you have set up dynamic domain forwarding.

If you want to be able to use the client program you will have to forward the ports 911 (video) and 912 (audio) from the router to the camera server, just as we had done for port 913 (web browser access).

In the client program, you go to site manager on the bottom of the screen and there is where you set up the information to access your camera server.

Once you are connected properly to your camera server, click on the camera number at the bottom of the screen and you will see what it is aimed at.


Careful - Switching From PICO to DICO

Download and unzip the DICO 800 program.

Reboot into Safe Mode.
Remove the PICO program Control Panel in Safe Mode using Add/Remove
Right click on My Computer and select properties.
Click on the Hardware tab,
and then click on Device Manager.
Double-click on "Sound, video and game controllers".
In the list you should see two devices with StarImavision in the title.
Right click on each of them and select Uninstall,
follow the prompts for each, and reboot your computer.

If you do not remove the drivers in safe mode you will experience a blue screen and a hard lockup.

After rebooting your computer, the need for two device drivers you just removed will be once again detected again by Windows. Two windows will appear asking you to install the two drivers for your device. Click on Cancel for both of them.

Go back into Control Panel/System Icon/Hardware tab/ Device Manager and under the "Sound, video and game controllers" heading you should see two devices with yellow exclamation marks on their icons called

"Multimedia Controller" and "Multimedia Video Controller".

Right click on any one of them and select Update Driver.
(Make a note of the one you select)
When asked if you want to use Windows Update choose "No, not this time."

Then select "Install from a list or specific location".
Then choose "Don't search. I will choose the driver to install."
Next, click on the Have Disk button and browse to the Drivers folder

Inside the DICO folder you have downloaded and unzipped, and choose the file
"FADVR800". If you are given a choice between the Audio or Video Capture
driver, be sure to choose the corresponding driver to the device you had
right-clicked on.
(check the note you had made above)

Repeat this procedure for the other device.

Reboot, go back into the Device Manager and check that you have two devices called "FADVR800 Audio" and "FADVR800 Video Capture".

At this point you may install DICO.

Getting a Web Browser to Work with DICO

I am a computer technician in Florida, and I cannot get the DICO-800 software to work in a web browser.I have extensive experience with Internet communications, but this product doesn't seem to work well with the internet. Any help would be much appreciated.

Are you behind a router?

Yes, I forwarded ports 911-913 tcp.

What is the IP of your router?

That IP is NOT pinging...we need to resolve that first

The IP is working now, and so is DICO Commander.
What should I do about the Web Access.

Ensure your ISP is not blocking port 80 traffic - Many ISP (Internet Service Providers) are blocking this port to prevent hosting websites from an internet connection. Phone them!

I got it working from the web. You have to enable the webcam server property.

cool......where is that Windows XP?

Its in DICO under general configuration.


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DuncansOnline and CCTVGold YouTube Videos
Once the video starts "Roll your Mouse" over the window to select other  videos