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May 2012

To Blue Iris Support

I just spoke with Mr. John Duncan regarding a situation I'm faced with. I'll recap for you here.

We (the EPA) seized a computer during an environmental crime investigation that appears to have been used as a DVR running your software. I am in possession of a computer forensic hard drive image of that drive. It is suspected that the camera(s) captured evidence of the environmental crimes under investigation.

I have been tasked with reviewing the captured video for evidentiary material. Hence my contact with you.

I downloaded your software, today, installed it, and tried to view the files. This was unsuccessful. I read all the FAQ material I could find on your site and Mr. Duncan's, and could not find a workaround. I did find that if the system was up and running I can export the files to a more standard format, but as mentioned earlier, I have the data, not the system.

Can you provide any assistance with our viewing (not editing or otherwise converting unless necessary to view) the files we seized? If so, please contact me at the numbers listed below or via e-mail.

The files have a .bvr file extension.

I downloaded and installed the Blue Iris software onto my PC. I then copied the .bvr files in question onto the PC's hard drive. When I double-click on the files, the Blue Iris application opens, but displays the error message:
Unable to open file:80004005.

When I right-click on a file and choose "Open With" and select the Blue Iris software, the application opens, but displays the same message and error code. Since I am unable to get Blue Iris to open/play the files, I am unable to get to the point in the process where I would be able to export them out to a common file format.


To Investigator

Do you have a short file you can send to me? It‘s possible that the file uses MJPEG compression, or if the file is very old, possibly even MP42, for which codecs are no longer included with the Blue Iris installer.

I have a stand-alone MJPEG installer here:

Blue Iris Support

To Blue Iris Support

I was able to get through it. In short, one only needs to rename the files with the mjpg extension, and then the videos can be viewed with VLC Media Player.

I also used a bulk file renaming tool so that I could rename (change the extensions on) thousands of files at once. The tool was called File Renamer Basic.

Thanks again for your help.

Actually, this process is MUCH easier than the process referred to in the Blue Iris software. Converting the files as instructed, even if it works, is far more difficult than what I did with the two tools above. (However, I understand that with proprietary software, there may be a reason to keep things from being straightforward.)


May 2012

To DuncansOnline,

A few weeks ago, I bought a PICO card and Blue Iris software from you.

I installed it on my old Dell GX280 and all worked fine, however the Dell recently died, so I
bought a Zoostorm PC (8gb RAM, 750gb HDD etc!)

Having installed the Pico card, I can't get the drivers to install. I've tried with Windows 2008 x64,
Windows 7 x64 and Windows 7 x86 but they're all exhibiting the same symptoms - the card
shows in Device Manager and when I try to install the drivers, I get an error message:

This installer was not able to automatically install the driver. This could be due to a missing DLL
that is required to install automatically drivers ... etc.

I've tried a manual installation, but that doesn't work either.

Any ideas?

UK Customer

To UK Customer

So far I have never heard of anyone being successful with Windows 7 64 bit and installing
drivers to get that PICO card to work with Blue Iris.

I have heard rumors that there has been success with the 32 bit version of Windows 7 and PICO
card, but so far I have not been able to track those rumors down to an actual user who can
share what he or she has done.

So, at this moment, I have no solution for a Windows 7 installation that is the operating
systemfar a PICO card and Blue Iris.

Searching Google has so far failed to turn up any solution as well...although from time to time I
try to search again.

If you are going to stay with that computer, then I would suggest dropping back to an XP
operating system.

The more advisable alternative, of course, is to pick up a second hand XP system and then be
able to access your cameras from the Windows 7 32/64 computer over your local area network
with Internet Explorer...that will work.

Around here, where I live, a person can purchase a second hand XP system for $35....and then
you would end up with a far better surveillance project, because your XP camera "server" would
be dedicated to surveillance, freeing up your high powered Windows 7 machine for personal


To DuncansOnline

Thanks - I am, as I type, installing Windows XP - a shame really as I have a whole 8gb of RAM.

As for Windows in general, I'm afraid I'm not a fan of that bloated operating system - all the other
machines on the LAN are Macs!

I'll let you know how it goes.

UK Customer

To DuncansOnline

Just for your information, I did manage to get BlueIris working together with Windows 7 (32 bit)
and my PICO card on my old Dell Optiplex GX280 (4gb RAM and a 2Tb HDD).

I used a copy of Windows 7 Professional - a direct Microsoft product, (not the Dell offering),
installed the card, installed the BT848 drivers, the cards was recognised and then Blue Iris was
installed. It worked for just over a week, then the Dell decided it had had enough and died - I
suspect power supply, but rather than replace the PSU on what really was an ageing machine
anyway, I bought a Zoostorm desktop with 8gb RAM.

The Zoostorm came with a 750gb HDD already installed, but I decided to put the 2Tb drive in
instead, however I couldn't' get it to boot - not even in safe mode, so I disconnected the 2Tb
drive and reconnected the 750gb one, and this is what I've been trying so far.

With the PICO card installed, Windows 2008 32 bit and 64 bit see the card, but can't install the
drivers. Windows 7 32 and 64 bit - same result. Windows XP - works fine.

I haven't tried Windows 2K8 R2 yet - my next step is to try that - I can easily swap the drives
around in the BIOS and boot from the other drive - I just don't have W2K8R2 to hand at the
moment, but as much of my work is working with Citrix XenServer and virtual machines, what I'd
really like to do is to get the Zoostorm working with XenServer and see how PICO and BlueIris
works (or not!) in a virtual environment!

I will keep you updated with my progress!

UK Customer

To DuncansOnline

It looks as if I need to seek some help!

I have the BT848 card installed in my new PC and am having problems with Blue Iris.

The system seems to run OK for a short time, then on remote view, the cameras drop out - but
locally they are still visible on the screen and are updating.

I try to reset the machine, but it refuses to close Blue Iris and if I try to close the process via Task
Manager, it simply fails to close it.

I've downloaded the latest version of Blue Iris and have also completely removed both that and
the BT848 drivers and re-installed.

I'm running Windows XP SP3 (2002 Version) 32 bit on a G840 Pentium @ 2.80GHz machine with
3.4GB RAM and a 750GB HDD. The machine has a Gigabyte motherboard.

I am also having problems with the motion detect recording - which isn't working, no matter how
sensitive I make it.

Can you give me any other suggestions as to what to try - it seems everything is OK until I install
Blue Iris, then the problems begin.

UK Customer

To UK Customer,

When you talk about remote accessing, do you mean from a computer on your local area
network, where the accessing computer and the camera computer are on the same side of the
router, or from a computer outside of your local area network where the router is "in between"
the accessing computer and the camera computer

I am forwarding a copy of this to Blue Iris support.

Both of your problems are a surprise to me, as I have not encountered anyone else having
either of these problems before.

One thing to try in the meantime, is to reduce the camera frame rate and see if that impacts the

Let me know, and I will be back to you after I have heard from BI support.


To DuncansOnline

The remote viewer is on the LAN ie. the same subnet as the DVR.

I've tried 5fps & 7.5fps - currently set at 7.5fps.

UK Customer

To UK Customer

More quick thoughts...

What is the operating system of the viewing computer?

Are you using IE for viewing?

Did it install the Active X control all right, and do you have the Active X permissions set low

Do you think there might be a setting in your router preventing the streaming of video on your


To DuncansOnline

The primary viewer is a Mac mini running Safari under OS X, but I've also tried IE 8 with
Windows XP and the Blue Iris client running on an iPhone 4 - all give similar results.

The Active X control seemed to install OK on the Windows setup.

Local LAN traffic doesn't go through the router - I have a 100MHz switch (unmanaged) which
forms the backbone of the local LAN.

The problem seems to be with the DVR machine - I'm contemplating re-installing XP - I've just
slipstreamed SP3, but that will have to wait as I'm off to bed now!

UK Customer

To UK Customer and DuncansOnline (From Blue Iris Support)

>> The system seems to run OK for a short time, then on remote view, the cameras drop out -
but locally they are still visible on the screen and are updating.

You are using the ActiveX and default web page? When you say “drops out” .. what do you
see? What is necessary to re-start the stream?

>> I try to reset the machine, but it refuses to close Blue Iris and if I try to close the process via
Task Manager, it simply fails to close it.

Are you streaming audio at the time? Are you on version 3.03.09? There may have been an
issue with shutting down while audio was streaming.

>> I am also having problems with the motion detect recording - which isn't working, no matter
how sensitive I make it.

According to the Trigger/Profiles page, is the detector sensing motion? The motion meter
needs to completely fill the space all the way to the right side. A common mistake is to set the
motion sensitivity too LOW ... too far to the left. The most sensitive (easiest to trigger) is with the
slider all the way to the RIGHT.


Blue Iris Support

To Blue Iris Support

The remote client is a Mac, so it has to use the jpeg methodology, not ActiveX - I also have two
viewers with iPhones - all clients exhibit the same symptoms.
Blue Iris will run for a time - it can be as much as an hour and a half, or as little as a couple of
minutes, after which time, connection to the client is lost - the iPhones display "Camera/Feed
Not Available" - at the time of testing, the iPhones were connected wirelessly via the local LAN.
The Mac simply displays a black screen in the centre of the viewing area and the web page
becomes unresponsive. On the server itself, all camera feeds either display multi-coloured bars
or simply a blank page. It is at this point I find that I am unable to shut down Blue Iris - I have
tried running it manually, by putting a shortcut in the startup folder and by running it as a
service (which would normally be my preferred option), but it doesn't seem to make any
difference. I am using version 3.3.9 of Blue Iris downloaded directly from Blue Iris Software.
I am not streaming audio at the moment - this will be added later, but for now all I want is to get
the system up and running and stable. After a drop out, the only way to restart the stream is to
actually power off the system and restart - I have tried running shutdown -r -t 0 from the
command line and even that doesn't work - I get the the "Windows is shutting down" prompt
and it can stay that way for over two hours.

The cameras and connectivity are tried and tested, having run Dico-800 for over eight years - the
only new things in the equation are a new server, a new BT848 capture card and Blue Iris. I
have run the machine for over 24 hours without running Blue Iris and there are no problems.

I have the sensitivity slider fully to the right on the Triggers/Profiles page, but don't see the
motion meter move at all - I have a hotspot set on all four cameras and also some areas masked
(for legal reasons.)

I piloted the setup on a Dell GX280 before buying the new machine and it seemed to perform
well on that, however the PSU in the Dell died when I ran the machine for 24 hours! (It was a
very old, surplus machine I had at the time). I did notice however that even with the Dell,
rebooting the machine took a long time.

The only other software I have installed on the server is the Gigabyte utilities and TeamViewer
(which I use to access the desktop from remote). You are more than welcome to come if form
remote and have a look via TeamViewer, should you wish.

UK Customer

To DuncansOnline

Regarding the problems I'm having with Blue Iris / PICO card and Windows XP - have you ever
heard of anyone running Windows 2003 Server (32 bit) with Blue Iris and the PICO card? Did
they manage to run this combination successfully?

UK Customer

To UK Customer

The best operating system for that card and Blue Iris is Windows XP

I know that card and BI will work on Windows 2003 Server (32 bit) but I have no first hand
knowledge that comes into memory.

I have never had anyone complain that they have had issues using Windows 2003 Server (32

I am sure there are very few that have or are doing it.


To DuncansOnline

OK, I have an update on this issue.

You will be pleased to know I think I have identified the problem. For some reason (I don't know
why), despite my having four cameras all the same, I had set two of them to 640x480 resolution!
I have reset all cameras back to 320x240, the system has been stable for over 48 hours now and
I can do a remote reboot via TeamViewer.

Mac access from Safari is fine as is iPhone access using the Blue Iris DVR app. I do have a
couple of minor issues which I may have to get back to you regarding, but overall I now have a
working system. So much so that I've turned off my old system and am now using Blue Iris

Thank you for your help.

UK Customer

To UK Customer

Congratulations....good detective work.....thanks for the update.


April 2012

I have noticed one little quirk though - I set up Blue Iris to install as a service and then it couldn't find the "Video Composite" under the Video Input option when adding a camera - service needs to be disabled when setting up the software I guess - otherwise it seems to be running fine.

Thank you. 

Feb 5, 2011

Attention Blue Iris Support - Problem in Input Setting Box

Our customer John S is not able to add a second or third analog camera. (he is already a registered user)

His key is

We sold him the key last May and he bought and paid for a multi camera version and that is what we should have delivered....I am pretty sure we did...

I have checked everything I can think of.

When he adds the first analog camera he gets the pull down box, with 4 composite video choices.

He has a 4 channel PICO card and he has installed the BT drivers correctly. There are no conflicts in his device manager and the drivers show up there under sound, video and game controller as they should.

The system is a Vista 32 system

It is a fresh and clean install.

So the first camera installs successfully and all is well.

Then he goes to add a camera and install the second camera

When he selects video source for the second camera the pull down box is choices at all.

Can you comment on what may be happening?



From Ken at Blue Iris

Try turning off the run as service option before adding new cameras ...

From DuncansOnline

Is that setting in Vista or Blue Iris?

From Ken at Blue Iris

Blue Iris software option

From Customer John

That worked. That was easy. Thanks.

Oct 29, 2010

I need instructions on the following
1. Continuous recording for all cameras with Cyclic setting so that files are over written when the hard drive is full.
2. Setting to view current video from a camera in full screen mode with Sequence that switches from Camera 1 to 9 and back all over again.

For #1, you want to go to Options/Clips and setup the folder size and/or clip-age parameters there.  If the hard drive does actually fill up *before* these quotas are met, older files are automatically deleted as well.  When you enable continuous recording, you should use the "open a new file each X hours" option, and use something like 1, 2, or 4 hours.
There is an option on Options/Software page to "auto-cycle" between cameras in full-screen mode.  To use this, right-click the video window and select full-screen (or use the icon) and then select any camera window by clicking on it.

Third Party Software

Following are links to third-party software packages which might be required to use certain cameras with Blue Iris:

Windows Server 2008 as well as some older operating systems may require the installation of the Windows Media Component redistributables.  Here's a link to the Microsoft WMF11 redistributable.

In order to use the Hikvision DS-40xx cards, download DS40xxSDK.dll and save it into your Blue Iris program folder.

The Vitamin Decoder 2.1 is used to connect to many popular DLink and Vivotek models, such as the DCS-2000,2100 and 3220, as well as the 4XEM MPEG4 cameras.

The Microsoft sample capture program AmCap can be used to test general connectivity with webcams and analog camera cards and devices (not network cameras).  If your device works with AmCap, it should work with Blue Iris and vice-versa.

The XVID codec is used to decode incoming video from many MPEG4 cameras, such as the DLink DCS-950, Y-Cam and Gadspot GS4600.  You may also use XVID to efficiently record video and for webcasting.

We offer a replacement flash memory image for the GS4000 in order to allow it to work with Blue Iris.

We offer a replacement flash memory image for the GS4600 in order to allow it to work with Blue Iris.

To use the EyeView or Etrovision models, please download the file, unzip to a folder, and run the reg.bat file to add the DLLs to your system.

These links provide 3rd-party software, not developed by Perspective Software.  They are provided here merely for your convenience.

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Unlimited Free Telephone Support - Worldwide

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