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Open House

There is an Open House this Weekend !!!
Feb 10-11/07

Sat/Sun 2-4pm



16 Bridgman Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, M5R 1X2

(416) 935-1922


Welcome to 16 Bridgman Avenue, an 80 year old Victorian style Annex home that has been proudly restored and totally renovated to encompass the stylings and architecture of modern-day living.

This single family dwelling in the heart of downtown Toronto is currently listed For Sale By Owner.  


Because we also happen to be the builders and we live right next door, so we feel we are best suited to properly showcase and sell this fantastic property, privately.

We can confidently answer all your questions, provide documentation of all the permits, speak to all the inspection approvals, provide warranties and purchase receipts for all the appliances, fixtures and materials and speak first hand to the craft and workmanship that went in to rebuilding this beautiful home.

We can also tell you about the neighborhood, the amenities, the services and the pros and cons of the area (not too many “resale” homes can be purchased with that much first-hand information available upfront).

This restoration / renovation was a labor of love- executed patiently, above code and with acute attention to detail. 

The house has been completely renovated- to the point that only two of the original exterior walls still exist. As such, everything in this home is completely new- from foundation to framing, HVAC to plumbing, electrical, drywall, decking, landscaping, paint, fixtures, appliances, lighting, cabinetry, tiling, carpeting and finishing. All NEW.  So, despite being  termed a “resale home”, there have been no occupants in this house since the renovation. Everything is pristine, gleaming and new.

We have studied the comparable sales and know this house is a tremendous deal.

We would love the opportunity to show it to you and encourage you to please explore our site. If you would like to arrange a personal visit, please call us at 416 935-1922.

We look forward to speaking with you. 

Vic and Gayle
Please eMail us any questions



The exterior finish of this stately single-dwelling home boasts the look of traditional Victorian Annex accents but is replete with modern touches of upscale living. 

The front and back of the house are finished in Venetian stucco with stucco moldings around all the windows and doors. The rod-iron railings and accents add that little touch of elegance that sets this house apart from its neighboring town-homes.

Professionally landscaped walkways and pads are designed with a Roman Stack and Herring Bone effect, which provides access to the main level as well as the separate lower level entrance. The lawn is meticulously manicured with new sod and a new 6 foot cedar.

The back of the house is similarly schemed but with additional accents of original brick walls. The large pressure-treated wood deck spans the entire width of the house and overlooks a comfortably sized and newly sod lawn- ideal for gardening and out-door enjoyment. 

The backyard is enclosed with newly built 5-foot pressure-treated wood fencing. A landscaped walkway leads through a swinging gate to a private area for 2 full-sized cars/ SUVs (or possibly 3 small/mid), accessible via a publicly maintained alley-way.

Please eMail us any questions












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